Setting Up MemCache on three servers

At work we are upgrading our server infrastructure and moving to a load-balanced solution. As part of the move I needed to install MemcacheD.

I downloaded an MSI from here, which I must admit doesn’t look promising. EDIT: the chi-town link appears dead but the MSI is also available from here: However, for ourselves it’s the tool we’ve been using for a while, and the author is linked to Memcache is now on Github.

Once I downloaded the MSI it was a case of going to the three servers and installing it, which for me was simply a case of clicking buttons and following the instructions.

Then came the tricky part, well for me anyway. I opened up the MemCacheD Manager tool and added a server, webserver1. I then added an instance. The first instance being webserver1. The mistake I made was thinking that I would need to add the other two servers: webserver2 and webserver3 as instances. When you use the panel for adding an instance there is an option for using a specific IP Address and TCP port.

What I needed to was add the three servers and their instances. Now, that I’ve made all mistakes and after reaching the stage where I felt I was banging my head against a brick wall what I first did doesn’t make sense.

With MemCache you can multiple instances on multiple servers. I think I’ll be doing a lot more work with MemCache in the next few months so I’ll post more updates and let you know how I’m using it.