Tony Blair – Peace Envoy

I’ve just read this article about Tony Blair, our beloved former Prime Minister, who is stepping down from his role as Middle East Peace Envoy.

Apparently he feels that he can best serve by not having any formal role. Now, I speak as someone who doesn’t really know what he’s done behind the scenes since 2007 but I do think there is something he could do that might make a big difference. This is to apologise for the mess that the Middle East is in ever since he and George W Bush invaded Iraq. There would be no ISIS, no crisis in Libya and Egypt if they hadn’t so dramatically upset an already very delicate and sensitive region. To this day I can find no credible reason why they did this AND why they thought this was a very good idea.

As a peace envoy to most Arab states he must be as welcome as an undertaker at a wedding measuring the guests up for their coffins. He should never have accepted the role in the first place and slunk away to hide under the nearest stone.