The Foundation Trilogy by Isaac Asimov

For a number of years I’ve had books in three locations and slowly but surely I’m getting them altogether in one place. In some cases I’ve gone through my shelves sorting out those books I intend keeping and parting with those books which I know realistically I will never read again.

In my mother’s loft there are a number of boxes containing my books and recently I brought a few boxes back home, unpacked them and re-discovered the Foundation Trilogy by Isaac Asimov. Now, I’ve never read a lot of science fiction, nor for that matter a lot of fantasy, but I do remember the Foundation Trilogy and I do remember how impressed by it I was. Only the other month I recommended it to a colleague. I can imagine a few people dismissing the books because of its genre but I feel they are missing out. These are great books.

I re-read all my Isaac Asimov books, the first three and then the subsequent sequels written many years later. I must admit that whilst I enjoyed the last two: Foundation’s Edge and Foundation and Earth they cannot compare to the first three. The first three are superb stories: tight plots with great characters, the last two unfortunately are a bit too full of the sort of stuff that turn people of science fiction, a lot of arguing over minor details and a lot of techie info-dumps rescued though by a good imagination and clever thinking. Perhaps you can’t have one without the other, but if you read the first three I would argue that you can. Maybe the first three books benefited from being written as short stories for magazines and maybe the last two suffered because the author was given free rein.



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