Add jQuery to almost any site from the console in your browser

First I must stress that I’m copying this article from here. I’m writing this post so I can keep this snippit of code in a place that’s handy. As I say I read this artice on SpYk3’s blog and all credit must go to him.

If you have a modern browser you’ll be able to find the console, The Firebug extension in Firefox is the easiest way to do this. Open the console and paste these lines of code in:

if(typeof jQuery === 'undefined') {
  var $script = document.createElement("script");
	$script.src = "";
	$script.type = "text/javascript";

You should now be able to use jQuery and run any commands you wish. All this code is doing is adding a script tag to the webpage and adding it to the <head> tag that exists in nearly every webpage. The source attribute of the script tag loads the jQuery javascript from the URL it’s specified.


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