Further thoughts on the Big Ball of Mud

In a previous post about the Big Ball of Mud I talked about how we’ve gone about splitting it down into smaller chunks. Sometimes in order to change something you have to make a start. It doesn’t matter if it is the right place or it turns out to be the wrong place the important thing is to make that start. That’s what we did, and with hindsight we made some pretty good divisions.

Now, we can start working on each project. One of the projects held all the code working with SharePoint. One of the goals of our project is to be able to move away from using SharePoint but we don’t have the luxury of writing a new product from scratch. Also I think such a move would be doomed. Better to make natural organic changes on a living working code-base rather than some gleaming theoretical model that isn’t making you any money.

I’ve not really explained that quite well but there is a debate over ‘Revolution’ versus ‘Evolution’ with regards to software. Do you completely scrap something and start again? Or do you work with what you have gradually pushing it towards what you want it to be? There’s pros and cons for both.

Back to the SharePoint project. One of the good things about moving all the SharePoint stuff into one project is that I can concentrate solely on it without worrying about how it’s affecting other parts ot our solution.

It’s all a bit slow going at the moment but the process is moving along.


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