The Joy of SharePoint

I have to work with SharePoint. It’s not something I would have chosen to do, and I don’t think SharePoint is a particularly bad product. It’s just unsuitable for what my company needs. If SharePoint was an employee you wouldn’t sack him but you would want to look at areas where his skills would be put to better use. He’s enthusiastic and has some great ideas, he’s just wasted in his current position.

One of the more frustrating things I find with SharePoint is that I’ve started out knowing nothing about it. Everything I’ve learned has been the hard way. That can be a good thing. It can be character building or soul destroying. It can be both.

One of my current tasks at work is to set up a server with SharePoint 2007 on it; and one of the goals is to access SharePoint on this server via a URL that isn’t http://localhost. For arguments sake: http://myallnewSharePointSite. Now, last week I installed SharePoint 2007 with service pack 1 I think. Got it pointing to a database server (which I’m also setting up) and added myallnewSharePointSite to the hosts file. Could I access the site? No. I kept getting prompted to login and even though I was the administrator who had set everything up I could not get past the login prompt. What made things more curious was that if I added http://myallnewSharePointSite to my PC’s host file pointing at the server’s IP address I could log in.

What saved the day for me was a colleague at work who had experienced the same problem. He sent me this link:

I’m posting this article in the hope that it may just help someone else.


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